Saturday, January 11, 2014

A time for reflection...

At the end of every year as we reflect on our success and failures and we make "resolutions" for the coming year.  In business we do the same thing although in business they are referred to as budgets/ forecasts and goals. 

After reflecting on our performance in the marketplace last year, we are focusing on what we feel we need to do in 2014.  Here's what I came up with:

1) Focus more on branding - Chivilla Bay, who are we, what do we stand for, what are we trying to do, what is our mission? 

2) Sales - Evaluating our sales plan - are we in the right marketplaces, the right products, etc.? 

3) Social Media (in the old days we called this advertising) - touching customers, reaching customers and gaining new customers.  How do we accomplish this?

4)  Budgets and Sales Forecasts  - Using data from previous years, cutting expenses on ventures that did not pay for themselves - such as certain e-commerce venues, advertising venues, etc.  Also, how do we grow our business.

5) Customer focused - interacting with our customers and using feedback to drive product mix, improve customer relations and loyalty and sales.

As we work through all of these I hope you will see a more consistent focus for us with our messages, products and commitment to becoming a company you grow to love and trust.

Rhonda May


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